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Properties and Meanings


Each crystal carries a unique vibration.  The vibrations that these crystals hold can realign and re-calibrate your energy with theirs, helping you to raise your vibration and reach a higher state of being.  due to their structure and composition, crystals emit vibrations at a constant frequency, meaning that their vibrations do not change.  This is especially powerful because when a crystal comes into contact with a lower vibration, it raises the vibration of that person or thing to match its own.  When a crystal comes into contact with your body or your energy, it attunes you to its higher frequency, which allows you to move past mental, physical and spiritual blockages.  This boost of positive and uplifting energy can be the difference between darkness and light.

The crystals work with your intentions in a similar way.  Holding a strong and positive energy, the crystal amplifies and magnifies the energy of your intention so you can manifest faster and more effectively.

At every moment, we have the ability to choose our thoughts and as we continue our journey, each day presents us with new challenges and wonderful beginnings.  Healing crystals remind us to quiet the chatter of the mind and reconnect to the universally healing vibrations of the Earth.  An important lesson to learn from crystals is patience, because just like the eons of time it took for theses semi-precious stones to evolve and transform, working with the healing power of crystals also takes time.  As you learn, grow, and evolve, use crystals as a reminder to be grateful for the abundance of Mother Nature and the great mysteries of the universe.

As written from Energy Muse