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The sharp, sweet scent of Peppermint essential oil is energizing and exhilarating. Peppermint relieves head and neck tension, promotes clear airways, supports oral health, and soothes the stomach.


Usage Tips:


Peppermint also supports the respiratory system. Inhaling Peppermint helps promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. 

What Is Peppermint Oil Used For?

Peppermint has strong emotional benefits. It’s popularly used to reduce sad and anxious feelings, calm emotions, soothe away tension, and relieve restlessness.

How Do You Use Peppermint Essential Oil?

Diffuse or inhale Peppermint when you’re feeling tired, anxious, or unfocused. For a morning energy boost, rub Peppermint Touch on your temples after you wake up. Throughout the day, apply Peppermint Touch to relieve feelings of head tension, to increase a sense of alertness and concentration, and to soothe anxious feelings.