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The sweet, woody aroma of Sandalwood essential oil is coveted around the world. It has been used since antiquity for a variety of purposes including meditation, which it is still used for today. Sandalwood beautifies the hair and skin, balances emotions, and is often used in massage.

Usage Tips:

What is Sandalwood Oil Used for?

Sandalwood is a precious essential oil distilled from the fragrant wood of sandalwood trees, which grow in tropical locations including India, Hawaii, Indonesia, Nepal, and Australia. Sandalwood trees are among the most expensive trees in the world and the oil is equally precious. Often used to enhance meditation, Sandalwood essential oil has a powerful ability to lessen tension and balance emotions. Thanks to its alluring and calming aroma, Sandalwood is the base note in many exquisite perfumes and aftershaves.

Sandalwood offers powerful grounding and mood-enhancing properties. It is highly valued in incense and used during meditation practices all over the world to increase mindfulness. Sandalwood imparts a sense of well-being and has a beneficial effect on mood.